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News Reels Episode 5

News Reels Episode 5

Cork placard flying squad and Sovereign people together building the bridge for liberty .

MonkeyPox No. Its called Shingles and its a known adverse reaction to the covid jab… They even tried to use a picture of Shingles and call it MonkeyPox.

The New World Order Prepares Their Final Attack

Cashless Society

Energy Price Hike Scam

EMBARRASSING Biden’s Interior Secretary Completely Clueless When Confronted with Memo From Her OWN Department Shutting Down Oil Drilling

Flashback – Here’s Friday’s key witness in the Durham trial, Robby Mook, pushing Trump-Russia collusion in March 2017.

Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo Sussmann – Durham – Kash

Steve Bannon war room – New Financial System

We The People

A weekend of protests around the world Liberty Tactics Tribute Video


Rick Margetts

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