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News Reels Episode 9

News Reels Episode 9

#Disney #Groomers

They say they’re going to give ‘puberty blockers’ to kids and lie about it being temporary, but the actual drug they give these kids is called Lupron, a drug they also give to sex offenders for chemical castration

13.year old native british girl on asian grooming angs

In China, local sellers of children’s organs were detained, there were frozen bodies in the cars

Good news! WHO Pandemic ‘Treaty’ voted down
Not By The UK or any other western nations


Avi Yemini CONFRONTS World Health Organization

Avi bumped into India’s oil minister at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

You don’t have to be vaccinated to leave Australia

Host Jack Posobiec breaks down what took place on day three of the World Economic Forum, delving into keynote speaker George Soross comments, saying that the Hungarian billionaires words were a stark contrast to the words of Henry Kissinger

Flashback Killery & Soros

Soros Funded BLM is mobilising

Police in Seattle are no longer investigating rape. Yes. They’re quote ‘no longer assigning detectives this new year to cases with adult victims. That’s rape victims. They’ll have to do without.’”

Devin hints that Durham might have been playing some kind of 3D chess with the way the Sussmann trial panned out

Joe Biden was involved in his family’s foreign business dealings — here’s 3 minutes of proof

They’re the Monkeys

The Queens Pedo Sons Musical Interval

Until you realize this you are NOT FREE

Rick Margetts

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