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News Reels Season 2 Episode 15

News Reels Season 2 Episode 15

Permanent Climate Lockdowns The 15 Minute Cities Are Coming

How They Plan to Take Your House the Agenda 2030 Wealth Transfer

Horseman Jacinda Ardern is replaced by an equally brutal dictator who will hunt the unvaccinated

Nigel Farage on GB News this evening discussing censorship of doctors who were successfully treating COVID patients with alternative medicines against WHO CDC rules. Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zithromax are mentioned

Dr Peter McCullough I’m going to be very clear about this…The vaccine is killing people, and it’s killing large numbers of people

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche I am begging you don’t vaccinate your child against Covid-19, because in many cases it will be a death sentence for the child.

Covid vaccinated Tribute by Kanekoa The Great

Davos Interviews
Rebel News pummels Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla with questions at World Economic Forum
Ishaan Thardoor Washington Post Fake News Reporter
Prime Minister of Luxembourg

Greta The Actress

A Man In ?? China Discovered an Underground Facility with Many Corpses of Children Soaked in Formalin

In Senegal, West Africa, a mob attacks a United Nations, UN, vehicle in early December 2022 and discovers it carried kidnapped children then freed them.

The Miss Universe pageant has officially been hijacked by men pretending to be women

Klitschko brags about Russia not being invited to the WEF conference in Davos.

Bryce Mitchell On Ukraine

Kari Lake update on Arizona

Kash Patel on the Biden Docs

Rick Margetts

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