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Nightly News – Trafficking – 31.1.2024

Nightly News – Trafficking – 31.1.2024
Lou Collins

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  • Carrie
    February 2, 2024, 11:37 pm

    Not finished listening yet but had to pause to comment…
    I was aware of this planned ‘agenda’ thanks to people like yourselves and others for many years. I hoped it wasn’t going to happen. Then I hoped it wasn’t happening over here (as I have 3 young boys in primary school) Then one day last year my 6yr old son came home very upset and told me that he got in trouble because he didn’t want to look at the naked bodies!
    I spoke to his teacher the next day (a young teacher, mid 20s max) and asked what was going on.
    [with regards to the school and this topic, I generally go down the route of pretending to be the ‘oblivious parent’ and just asking questions as to why my child’s upset and he’s told me he was looking at naked bodies…!] The teacher was clearly uncomfortable and brought me in for a chat. She explained it was part of the school curriculum now and this was the first year of it in the school and if I have any problems about it to please speak out. She was very clearly uncomfortable about even the mention of it and was almost urging me to speak out. She then produced the pictures of the naked bodies these 6yrs were seeing. They were ‘only’ outlines of males and female bodies and lines to each part of the body the children were to label. I’d say, fair enough, if it was legs, arms, eyes etc but the ‘listed words’ below the drawings included ‘vulva’ ‘labia’ ‘testicles’ ….
    I’m a 35yr old female and couldn’t tell you exactly where my vulva and labia is! And I’ve managed to get through life absolutely fine!!

    I was very angry after that chat so decided to join the PTA 😆😎and oh my lord!, they really don’t like me when I innocently bring up questions about RSE and the likes but I want to be in the know about exactly what’s happening at the school and being a ‘member of the PTA’ I can ask all my questions I want during the meetings.

    Apologies for the long comment, I just wanted to let you know that there are people out there fighting alongside you for the kids.

    I’m going to post comment then continue listening x