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Number of asthma sufferers set to double by 2050 thanks to new airtight energy-efficient homes which trap pollution inside

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The number of asthma sufferers is set to double in just 35 years thanks to new airtight energy- efficient homes which trap pollen inside, it has been reported.

The lack of ventilation in new modern homes will stop pollutants created during everyday tasks such as cooking, washing and cleaning from escaping.

An air equality expert claims that opening the windows to let in fresh air will not be enough to combat the risk to families of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and asthma

The number of asthma sufferers is set to double by 2050 due to new airtight energy-efficient homes

Those who spend the most time indoors, such as young mothers and the elderly, will be the worst affected, reports the Observer.

The decline in air quality will reportedly come as the UK is expected to achieve an 80 per cent cut in carbon emissions.

‘Poor indoor air quality is connect with a range of undesirable  health effects, such as allergic and asthma symptoms, lung cancer, chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease, airborne respiratory infections and cardiovascular disease, the report by Professor Hazim Awbi, a professor of Building Environmental Science was said to have found

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