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Paedophiles could hack into BABY MONITORS and watch YOUR children, experts warn

PAEDOPHILES could be virtually creeping into young children’s bedrooms by remotely hacking into baby monitors, experts have warned.

The devices can be connected to the internet so parents can keep an eye on their kids from anywhere.

But some of the most popular monitors on the market lack even the most basic security and at risk of being hacked, security researchers have found.

It is also feared that a hacker would be able to access other devices on a WiFi network creating a risk of identity theft.

Serious security problems were found in all of the nine cameras tested by Rapid7.

Some had hidden passwords that could be exploited by hackers to view a live feed.

Security consultant and report author Mark Stanislav warned: “There’s a certain leap of faith you’re taking with your child when you use one of these.

Researchers graded each device between “A” and “F”. Of those tested, eight received the worst possible score while one received a “D”.

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Lou Collins