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Public Health England Change Criteria in Recording Deaths

Public Health England Change Criteria in Recording Deaths

Debs has been ‘Finding’ lots of things when she went down the PHE rabbit hole.

It would appear that not many have noticed that the criteria for recording deaths associated to Covid is changing according to Public Health England.
It is suggesting that EVERYONE who has had a positive Covid test within 60 days will have Covid included on their death certificate.
Perhaps even worse does this mean everyone who even AFTER 60 days will be included in this data?


Clearly we already know that
A) Lateral Flow tests are unreliable, inaccurate and unnecessarily invasive. Many countries refuse to use them (false positives)

B) PCR tests will only pick up Virus Per se, not ‘active’ (infectious) virus as a PCR cannot differentiate between ‘infectious’ or ‘non infectious’.

C) We know we can shed Virus for up to 6 months.  We can detect virus in sewage.

Since when have we tested the healthy and ignored the sick?

Going by this new change we could predict many more ‘cases’ of Covid being picked up. The more you test the more you find HOWEVER that is a completely futile, expensive and a disproportionate avenue to take, given the reliability of these tests. Please see attached SAGE minutes.


As more ‘cases’ are found and the figures soar, fear is ramped up a notch.  Reasonable therefore to assume that tighter restrictions may be fast approaching to perhaps include curfews, rationing of exercise, mandatory masks for outside, extended social distancing measures and restrictions on leaving our homes more than once a week.

Professor Whitty clearly seems to be giving mixed messaging?
As a question to those reading, has anyone had a flu test?  Is everyone who is being tested for Covid being tested to eliminate the flu virus?


Lou Collins