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Roy Davies – De Dollarization

Roy Davies – De Dollarization

Roy explains BRICS and WCCC and how it all began, and where it’s going.

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Lou Collins

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1 Comment

  • Mads Larsby
    December 3, 2022, 7:14 am

    Brilliant podcast Roy & Lou, ThankQ from Denmark

    Gold shall destroy the FED, I believe it had happend already, we are now seing it in real time.

    It is all about the White Hats timing.

    When #Evergrande crashes…

    #ISO20022 Asset Backed Digital Currencies are the future, QFS is too, Nesara/Gesara is too.

    BRICS+ is incredible important, an alternative financial system is ready, not in 3 or 5 years – but NOW!

    President Donald J Trump outsmarted and caught them all.