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Scientists admit they’ve been quietly using aborted baby parts for DECADES

(NaturalNews) When multiple research institutions that have one purpose in mind receive hundreds of millions of dollars of grant money from the federal government, a very powerful and influential industry is created instantly. The entitlement money swiftly becomes a purchasing force that assists the institutions in their research pursuits. What happens when these research pursuits require that human life be terminated so body parts can be studied for “medical advances?”

Between 2011 and 2014, 97 research institutions, including universities and hospitals, were entitled to $280 million in federal grant money for one purpose: using fetal body parts for “scientific” research.

These institutions, including Yale, The University of California, and The Massachusetts General Hospital, are given the right to obtain fetal tissue and conduct research on the human body parts that are strategically extracted right from women’s wombs after the beating heart has been terminated.

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Lou Collins