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SMART sleeping !

Samsung unveiled a new disk-shaped device, dubbed the SleepSense, which slides underneath your pillow to track your night’s kip.

SleepSense can use your sleep data to control other devices around the house – dimming lights and turning off the television when it detects that you’ve finally dozed off.

The South Korean giant unveiled the new gadget during its press conference at the IFA consumer electronics show, in Berlin.

Samsung also revealed a £199 SmartThings kit which allows you to control your heating, door locks and wireless security cameras from an app.

Once the Samsung SleepSense is slipped underneath your sleeping body, it will keep a track of your heart rate, breathing and movement during the night.

It claims the devices has an impressive 97 per cent accuracy when tracking the quality of your sleep.

Your sleep data is then sent to a smartphone app, similar to products from Fitbit, Jawbone and MisFit, which then creates a Sleep Score.

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May I just ask the question is this device frying your brains whilst you sleep !

Lou Collins