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Symbolism Hypnosis And Pop Culture

Symbolism Hypnosis And Pop Culture

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times

I’ve always been interested in the occult symbols that pervade our world and pollute our souls, although, my interest has little to do with esotericism or the numinous value these symbols supposedly have in unlocking some innate spiritual potential that’s been locked down by a nefarious elite.

Oh no, that potential is available to all of us without the use of black magic, sorcery, or blood sacrifice. I prefer Qi Gong and meditation to take me there, plus, all the people I know who are really into this don’t seem to be doing all that well in the game of everyday life. Stay grounded, my friends.

My interest lies primarily in how the immense use of these symbols in popular culture goes unacknowledged and disregarded by the sleepy masses, and the effect that has on the lives of good people like you. It’s a fantastic demonstration of both willful ignorance and the practical application of mass hypnosis.

Take the music industry, for example, which really is the heavyweight champion of occult symbolism and Satanic theatre. Heck, add Hollywood and the fashion industry as well, and if you’re willing to call a spade a spade (which it is), it’s all one big parade of occult wannabes exploring stupid ways to cover one eye while posing like they’re about to eat a baby.

here’s the thing. The symbols are part of your life. They’ve been carefully inserted into the public psyche, and have wormed their way deep into your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind eats this stuff up while the conscious mind plays see no evil, hear no evil.

The subconscious is different than the conscious, analytical, rational mind. The conscious part of the mind interprets language and words, while the subconscious finds meaning in images and symbols. It’s a fascinating part of you that cannot distinguish the difference between real life, what it sees on the big screen, or what your imagination conjures up. It’s all real to the subconscious. I talk about this in detail in Crack the Code of Self-Sabotage.

But the symbols are here to stay, and they’re doing precisely what they’re supposed to do, which is to create the false perception that the Wizard of Oz is something much bigger and much more invincible than the pasty turd blossoms furiously typing up digital fiat notes down at the board of the Federal Reserve.

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  • Nick Yates
    July 27, 2022, 11:36 am

    Yeh I got my occult info from Jordan Maxwell..