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The crime-fighting coffee cup: James Bond-style plastic lid that can film and record sound is latest weapon in fight against criminals, spies and benefits cheats

It resembles nothing more innocuous than an ordinary coffee cup.

But it is actually a disguised hi-tech gadget which could become a potent new weapon in the fight against criminals, enemy spies and benefits cheats.

For the plastic lid, which is almost identical to millions handed out by coffee chains such as Starbucks and Caffe Nero, contains James Bond-style filming and listening equipment.

It is fitted out with a high-definition pinhole camera and an eavesdropping device that can listen into and record a room full of people.

Investigators will be able to gather vital evidence using the device, which is turned on by pressing the letter ‘H’ – which stands for ‘Hot’ – on the innovative lid.

The lid, which is 9cm in diameter, has been created by Cornwall-based company LawMate UK to fit any takeaway coffee cup.

Britain’s police and security services are said to be ‘very interested’ in the CC10 device and store detectives and private investigators have placed orders to use it in undercover work, say the company.

Lou Collins