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The New World Order Timeline Episode 2 – 1798 – 1804 (VIDEO)

The New World Order Timeline Episode 2 – 1798 – 1804 (VIDEO)

I’m back with the 2nd episode in the Real History Channel series

In this episode we cover the following events & insert Andrew Jackson into the timeline

1798-1801 Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition

1798 John Robison writes: ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy’

1798-1815 The 5 sons of Rothschild spread their money lending empire across Europe

1799-1800 Allies begin the ‘War of the Second Coalition’

November, 1799 Napoleon stages a coup in Paris – overthrows the directory

1800 Napoleon’s leadership turns the tide of the ‘Second Coalition War’
October, 1800 Jacobins plot to kill Napoleon with daggers

December, 1800 Jacobin bomb nearly kills Napoleon & his wife

1801 Napoleon makes peace with the Catholic Church

1801 Napoleon establishes merit-based ‘lycées’ to educate the middle class

March, 1802 the treaty of Amiens: peace with Britain ends the ‘War of the Second Coalition’

May, 1803 Britain breaks the peace / launches the ‘War of the Third Coalition’ against France
July, 1803 the Louisiana purchase: Jefferson and Napoleon close a huge land deal

Andrew Jackson

1767 Parents and birth

1779-1781 The boy revolutionary loses his family

1784 – 1787 Young Jackson apprentices to become a lawyer

1788 Rookie attorney Jackson challenges prominent older lawyer to a duel

1790-1794 Love, marriage and controversy
1790’s Jackson’s early and brief political career

1802 Judge Jackson elected major general of the Tennessee militia

October, 1803 the Jackson-Sevier almost-duel

February, 1804 Royalist plot to kidnap and kill Napoleon is uncovered / plotters executed

March, 1804 Napoleon establishes the Napoleonic code

July 11, 1804 U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr kills Alexander Hamilton in a duel

Rick Margetts

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