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The Only Way is Military – Hold The Line

The Only Way is Military – Hold The Line

Do you really think that President Donald Trump spent the last 4 years fighting the Globalists on every front, ending the endless wars, draining the swamp, just to walk away?

* Central to Trumps plans was and is the preservation of life, the protection of the citizens of USA. Had he remained and invoked military rule, the invisible enemy the Deep State would have attempted to invoked a bloody civil war.

* It is true that President Trump has the overwhelming support of the population but he would not risk what could have been a significant loss of life. What about the ‘ optics ‘ worldwide in the event this had taken place. Trump would have been cast by the mockingbird media as a monstrous dictator who slaughtered his people. The Globalist cabal would have had a powerful weapon to isolate Trump and America.

* Look to the marker that shows a photo of a watch. It is dated the 19th and shows the time as 16.49. On the 19th January at 16.49 President Trump declassified Crossfire Hurricane.

* Remember what Trump said about the attempt to use the 25th ammendment to remove him from office. He warned Biden to be careful what he wished for !

* The second marker another photo of a watch shows the date the 27th and the time 15.06. Watch for what happens. We were warned that there would be a scare event and that Biden could assume the presidency.

* We know Biden accepted bribes and assistance from foreign nations and was one of the orchestrators of the massive election fraud.

* Enter article 11.3 of the military code. Which states that the military are duty bound by their oath to remove an illegitimate govt.

* President Trump had to remove himself from this situation. The military following the constitution are in full control.

* Gen Flynn in one of his tweets used a quote from George Washington stating that it would be done in 30 days. How long are the National Guard in Washington DC? 30 days.

* Think about this logically. The only way is the Military. Watch what unfolds. All is in hand. Remember my fellow patriots : Winners never quit and quitters never win. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Lou Collins