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Wales – Trans-affirming Ideology Is Rife

Wales  – Trans-affirming Ideology Is Rife

Based on Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to a sample of secondary schools across Wales, Merched Cymru uncovered evidence of poor practice, with policies “based on inaccurate, discredited” and “highly ideological” guidance.

It reported: “Every single school of the 68 that responded to the FOI requests said that yes, they would facilitate a gender transition.”

The report added: “Important information about their child’s wellbeing is being concealed from parents and carers. Two thirds of schools said they would not necessarily inform parents of their child’s social transition, or would do so only if the child gave permission.”

It also found a “significant minority of schools support children to use opposite sex toilets (15%), changing rooms (15%), sports and even sleeping accommodation if they want”

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