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Boris To Tell Ukraine Parliament That He Will Provide Them £300M

Boris To Tell Ukraine Parliament That He Will Provide Them £300M

Boris will address the Ukraine Parliament today and tell them that, the UK will provide them with a £300 million aid package.

According to an AFP report regarding Johnson’s expected speech, the prime minister is going to compare the current situation in Ukraine with the battle for Britain in World War II, saying that “when my country faced the threat of invasion during the Second World War, our parliament, like yours, continued to meet throughout the conflict.”

Meanwhile, the Church Times are reporting on a cross departmental strategy with formal government structures and the “active commitment of the Prime Minister” is needed to address rising levels of child poverty in the UK, a new report from the Church of England concludes.

The report, published on Thursday, is based on consultations with 14 charitable organisations, which were contacted by the Bishop of Durham, the Rt Revd Paul Butler, and the Second Church Estates Commissioner, Andrew Selous MP.  In January 2021. The organisations, which include (2 extremely dodgy charities) the Children’s Society and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, were invited to submit their ideas for a child poverty strategy, focused on tackling the underlying or systemic causes of poverty.

Yahoo News  are reporting that the UK is heading for a “major recession for households” amid the spiralling cost-of-living crisis, a top economist has said.

Jack Leslie, senior economist at the Resolution Foundation, told Yahoo News UK that people will see a “substantial” fall in their real incomes amid soaring energy bills, rising inflation, and tax hikes.

A country is in recession when it experiences two consecutive quarters of negative growth in gross domestic product (GDP).

In practical terms, a “household recession” means a significant hit to living standards, risking pushing vast numbers of families into fuel stress, and some into absolute poverty.

I believe it is time Boris starts looking after the people of Britain and to stop supporting a country that has been used as a deep state playground for many years.

More https://www.straitstimes.com/world/europe/british-pm-johnson-to-unveil-new-military-aid-in-speech-to-ukraine-parliament


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