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Call To Action – Remember Remember, The 21st of December

Call To Action – Remember Remember, The 21st of December

From Michael O’Bernicia

An impassioned reading of Remember Remember, The 21st of December, a lyrical prophesy of the beginning of the end of COVID-1984.

If you live in Britain, make sure that you heed the call to action contained within this urgent message for the British people.

Please share, embed and re-upload this video far and wide, as well as letting your family, friends, neighbours and complete strangers know about the historical event taking place at 7pm on 21/12/2021, in every village, town and city nationwide.

Here is the related video, which YouTube censored, giving this channel its first strike and 7 days in the hole, for nothing more than telling the truth about UK Government policy:


Find out more about Universal Community Trust:


Read more HERE

Lou Collins

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