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Hilary Clinton Threatens The UK !

Hilary Clinton Threatens The UK !

Satanist and Murderer Hilary Clinton went on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, demanding New World Order fool Boris Johnson implement immediate mandates.

The witch said  “I do think it is imperative that the Prime Minister do what he can to stop the rise in Covid in the UK.  He doesn’t need to shut the society down but he does need to mandate vaccines.”

She went on and revealed to Marr, how 1,000 medical staff were fired from their jobs at a single medical group in New York after refusing to get vaccinated.

 “I think you have got to make it clear that we are not going to go back into lockdown – that is not going to happen.

“But if you don’t get vaccinated if you don’t have proof of vaccination when you go into a club or a restaurant…

“And employers don’t enforce vaccines, we may see some problems here in the UK as the weather gets colder and people are forced back inside again.”


Lou Collins

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