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PCP Wales is taking the Welsh Government to court over Relationship Sex Education

PCP Wales is taking the Welsh Government to court over Relationship Sex Education

Darren Purcell PCP Wales – Fundraiser Awareness Walk

This video is about Darren Purcell, who on Saturday 4th September 2021 embarked on a 140-mile 6-day trip from Pointymoile Canal Basin to St Davids, Wales. He aims to cover 25 miles a day aiming to finish up on September 9th 2021.

PCP Wales is taking the Welsh Government to court over Relationship Sex Education, which is sexualizing children and exposing children as young as 3 years old to masturbation, bondage, anal penetration and much, much more. This work is based on the work of the Kinsey institute, who was a known paedophile who sexually assaulted young babies to show they could climax from an early age.

Darren is raising money and awareness and is doing an incredibly brave and difficult thing…we must support him. The court case is ready to go with all the evidence and documents, we just need the money of £20,000 to reach the goal to meet the fees of the barrister and lawyers.

Facebook has already deleted this video from my posts, for absolutely no reason, and deliberately removed all links and even went as far as to go into my private messenger account and remove all messages to the video…someone i.e human, not a bot or auto program is purposefully stopping this message from getting out there, so uploading it instead.

Check links below for all the info.

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Meet The Team

We are a not-for-Profit organisation who came together in July 2020 with the aims of bridging the gap within the welfare system and of improving Children’s services, including the education system.

Our current campaign ‘Education Our Say Our Way’ is fighting to remove RSE from the mandatory element of the Curriculum and Assessment Act 2021. This subject is part of a global rollout and educators are to look for guidance from the UNESCO 2018 document -‘Revised International Guidance on Sexuality Education’

Our extensive research and fields of expertise have led us to investigate the history behind this Comprehensive Sexuality Education and have given us a huge insight into the nature of the current education taking place in 52 countries where it has already been passed.

Please refer to our Website for more information

The RSE has recently been passed in Wales and despite numerous emails, messages and conversations with members of the Senedd and local authorities our findings were ignored by many. We therefore have no choice but to take them to court. They are responsible for letting this into our country despite their knowledge that this education is not fit for any school child.

We need your help.

We have the knowledge, an incredible case, plenty of evidence and a top-class legal team.

We need the funds to make this happen. Our organisation relies on supporters, volunteers and donations.

Rick Margetts

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