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PCP Wales Podcast-athon 13th & 14th August

PCP Wales Podcast-athon 13th & 14th August

You may have heard about the huge changes that are happening within the Schools Curriculum.

Your child may have already come home from school with information they are being taught that you deem inappropriate.

In 2017 our UK governments signed up to a global education that came from the World Health Association. The Document claims children are sexual from birth and the matrix (from page 38) includes early childhood masturbation and exploring gender identities from age 0. An additional framework was implemented to replace the WHO document, this came from UNESCO 2018 document -‘Revised International Guidance on Sexuality Education’ .  Please refer to this section of our Website for more information.

So how does this link to the current R.S.E (Relationship and Sexuality Education)?

The RSE is a mandatory element of ‘The Curriculum and Assessment Act 2021’, educators are required to refer to the above Unesco document for guidance. In addition you may have seen on your school website links to the United Nations/UNESCO and/or organisations such as Brooks or Stonewall

We are a not-for-Profit organisation who came together in July 2020 and our current campaign ‘Education Our Say Our Way’ is fighting to remove RSE.

Our extensive research and fields of expertise have led us to investigate  the history behind this Comprehensive Sexuality Education and have given us a huge insight into the nature of the current education taking place in 52 countries where it has already been passed.

For the last year we have sent out numerous emails, messages and had conversations with members of the Senedd and local authorities. Our concerns were ignored. We therefore have no choice but to take this further. We are raising funds to facilitate a court case; concerned parents in wales will be taking the Welsh Government to court for allowing this into our curriculum, with little or no consultation from the public, more importantly Parents. An education that does not fit with the vast majority of parents’ religious and philosophical beliefs, while putting children in danger; providing them with adult ideologies and vigorously promoting Sexual Freedom.



We have all the resources to challenge this and a first-class legal team.

However we need the funds and public awareness to make this happen.


You can help us achieve this by:

1. Giving a Donation (no matter how small) – every donation will further the exposure of the campaign.

2. Sharing Far and Wide on your Social Media Channels and by speaking to friends, relatives, teachers and everyone you know.

3. Creating your own sponsored event or gathering.

4. Getting involved with our up and coming events

Contributions are via the Paypal platform, if you do not have Paypal you should be able to contribute as a paypal guest. Some providers are not allowing this therefore you can still contribute via an online bank transfer to:

Public Child Protection Wales

Account Number: 87641259

Sort Code: 51-81-29

All proceeds received will be allocated to the fund. You can obtain updates and we will include you as a contributor by sending your email address and an optional short message to info@publicchildprotectionwales.org or send a message to Lucia

Rick Margetts

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