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Take Action To Restrict Online Access To Pornography Strictly To Over 18s

Take Action To Restrict Online Access To Pornography Strictly To Over 18s

Pornography is widely accessible to anyone with a mobile phone or a computer. Children as young as 5 years old are now able to access it at the click of a button, despite the attempts to “block” explicit content by parents. There are no safeguards in place whatsoever.

Pornography has disastrous effects for the individual, relationships, and has very dangerous real-world consequences for whole societies. In fact, it’s the catalyst for most of the problems we face today.

Child sex abuse, sexual offending, and child and human trafficking have a symbiotic relationship with pornography. It is a common belief that “child porn” is a SYMPTOM of deviant behaviour, however, it is, in fact, the CAUSE. Although pornography is catastrophic for the whole world, including adults, it is part of the biggest and most powerful industry on earth – The Sex Industry.

We have to start somewhere, and for now, we need to start with the children, as they are the most vulnerable and at risk. To try and ban it outright would be futile and just won’t work – as unfortunate as that is. Online pornography should only be accessible using a Government-issued password or key code that is issued to over 18s. Making pornography available without a requirement to provide this should be a criminal offence. We also want the Government to run a public awareness campaign about the dangers and risks of using pornography.

We need 100,000 signatures by February 2024 for a debate in parliament. There are around 40 million adults in the UK. Please sign this very important petition and share on all of your social media platforms. We MUST get this debate. Pornography is destroying the whole world and we need to address it.



Thank you.

Lou Collins

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