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PUB’s Three Notice Process To Stop Schools Vaxxing Children

PUB’s Three Notice Process To Stop Schools Vaxxing Children

PUB’s Three Notice Process To Stop Schools Vaxxing Children

By popular and urgent demand, here lies PUB’s three notice process to deal with the clear and present threat that UK schools will be offering the experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ to 12-17 year olds next month, following the JCVI’s recent u-turn on its 15/07/2021 assessment that the risk outweighed the benefits of vaxxing anybody under 18.

Notice of Conditional Acceptance

The Notice of Conditional Acceptance should be sent to the governors of any school which has indicated that they have plans to facilitate the ‘vaccination’ of your child, conditionally agreeing to grant your consent in the event they can provide you with the material evidence you ask for.

Moreover, every parent should engage in this process acting as a Trustee of the People’s Union of Britain [PUB], in order to establish their legal protection, under the provisions of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.

Each missive must also be sent by recorded mail or special delivery and all mailing receipts must be retained, so that it can proven that every notice was duly served upon the intended recipients.

Notice 1 (Word Document) right click save as

Notice of Opportunity To Cure

Given that the evidence you will be asking for does not exist, in the extremely likely event you don’t receive what you asked for within seven days, the Notice of Opportunity To Cure should be sent, reiterating the terms of the first notice, giving the school governors another three days to respond appropriately.

However, the only acceptable responses would be either providing you with the material evidence requested, or an agreement to cease and desist in their ‘vaccination’ plans.

Notice 2 (Word Document) right click save as

Notice of Default

If the governors propose that you should enter reasonable discussions before they take a position on the issues you have raised, this process should be suspended pending the outcome of further communications. The same would apply in the event this happens at an earlier stage.

However, if you don’t receive what you have reasonably requested and the school governors refuse to cease and desist in their plans to ‘vaccinate’ your child, the Notice of Default should be sent, notifying them of the potential civil and criminal liabilities they have incurred.

Notice 3 (Word Document) right click save as

Next Steps

Unless the school governors abandon their plans to ‘vaccinate’ your child with an experimental, DNA-altering toxic-soup, PUB will hold them criminally liable for acts ancillary to genocide against children, in multiple breaches of well-established international law and conventions.

Furthermore, using a Common Law Lien process I have developed over the course of the past thirteen years, the injured parties will be able to obtain damages secured against the personal legal estates of the school governors, for the injuries caused by their gross civil wrongdoings.

Needless to say, the templates for that non-judicial process of obtaining damages payouts will be posted on this blog in due course, along with a webinar which will cover any question and queries people are likely to have.

However, it is anticipated that many of the school governors who are served the preceding three notice process will either suspend or terminate any and all plans to ‘vaccinate’ children in their care, rather than risk both bankruptcy and prison by ignoring or dismissing the serious issues raised.

Furthermore, the process can also easily be adapted to meet the needs of anybody who is under threat of losing their job for refusing to be jib-jabbed.


Rick Margetts

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